Best answer: Can I work in Estonia with e residency?

As an e-resident with a registered company in Estonia, you can work in Estonia for your company physically, without registering for short-term employment, only if both of the below apply: … You are performing director or supervisory functions for your company.

Can I move to Estonia with e-Residency?

Your status as an e-resident does not grant permission to travel to Estonia or within the EU without a visa, should one be needed. Your e-Residency digital ID card can not be used for travel and does not display a photo for physical identification. Can I live in the EU with e-Residency? No.

What you can do with Estonia e-Residency?

As an eResident, you‘ll be able to:

Establish and run a company online. Conduct your banking online e.g. make electronic bank transfers. Have access to international payment service providers. Digitally sign documents (annual reports, contracts) within the company as well as with external partners.

Which countries allow e-Residency?


  • Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency – a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s transparent digital business environment.
  • E-Residency allows digital entrepreneurs to manage business from anywhere, entirely online.

Can I open a bank account in Estonia with e-Residency?

E-Residency does not grant any rights to open a personal bank account in Estonia. Banks, in general, wish to see a strong connection to Estonia and are reluctant to open an account for non-residents. You will need to demonstrate your connection to Estonia.

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How much does Estonia E-residency cost?

How much does the e-residency cost? The current application fee is €100, plus €1.99 to cover the payment processing. Since the card is valid for 5 years, that works out to about €20 per year.

Is Estonian e-residency worth it?

Overall, obtaining an Estonian e-residency will be beneficial to entrepreneurs who want to get a European company in a prestigious jurisdiction with favorable taxation. After all, Estonian companies are not obliged to pay tax on retained earnings.

Is Estonia a tax haven?

Estonia is an exciting financial center that can be classified as a tax haven due to its low tax opportunities for non-resident businesses. … It is one of the only countries in the EU that allows no corporate taxation if all income is sourced outside the country.

How do I become a resident of E?

Applying for e-residency is easy:

  1. Visit the e-Residency website. …
  2. Gather the correct documentation required. …
  3. Submit your application. …
  4. Wait for your application to be assessed and approved. …
  5. Receive confirmation of application approval. …
  6. Collect your digital ID card from your chosen location.

Can I become a citizen of Estonia?

If you legally live in Estonia for at least eight years, you may be eligible for citizenship. The specific requirements for citizenship through naturalization are: You must be over fifteen years old. Resident in Estonia for a minimum of eight years with a residence permit.

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