Best answer: Which country is near to Estonia?

Land. Situated in northeastern Europe, Estonia juts out into the Baltic Sea, which surrounds the country to the north and west. To the east Estonia is bounded by Russia—predominantly by the Narva River and Lakes Peipus (Peipsi; Russian: Chudskoye Ozero), Tyoploye, and Pskov—and to the south it is bounded by Latvia.

Which country is closest to Estonia?

60% of Estonia’s territory is covered by forests. The country has a population of 1.3 million people, the national capital is Tallinn. Border countries are: Latvia, Russia, and Estonia shares a maritime border with Finland.

What are the borders of Estonia?

It borders the Gulf of Finland, between Latvia and Russia.

Geography of Estonia.

Continent Europe
Borders Total land borders: 657 km (408 mi)
Highest point Suur Munamägi 317 m (1,040 ft)
Lowest point Baltic Sea 0 meters

How many states are in Estonia?

Estonia is a developed country, with a high-income advanced economy; ranking very high in the Human Development Index. The sovereign state is a democratic unitary parliamentary republic divided into fifteen counties.

Do they speak English in Estonia?

This so-called “elven” language is spoken by around 1.1 million people globally. Estonia has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 99.8% and nearly everyone speaks a foreign language, most commonly English and Russian, but also Finnish, German or Swedish.

Is Estonia expensive?

Estonia has become the most expensive country in the Eastern part of the European Union, Poland being cheapest. As confirmed by personal experience and fresh Eurostat data.

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