Can students work Latvia?

Latvia allows foreign student to work part time without requiring any Latvia work permit on student visa. As per the rule of European Union States, international students are restricted to work part time 20 hours a week during semesters and 40 hours a week during semester breaks.

How much do students earn in Latvia?

You can make 100 euros a month or 1000 euros a month – it depends on how many hours you work and how much your job wants to pay you. If youwor with customers, you must know some Latvian, Russian and English. If you work as an English teacher at school, then you can use only English.

Can I work while studying in Latvia?

Work opportunities for International Students in Latvia are: Students can legally work for 20 hours per week along with their studies. During vacations, students can work full time, i.e., for 40 hours per week. The main industries for part-time jobs in Latvia are processed foods, electronics, textiles etc.

Can I stay in Latvia after study?

Stay Back in Latvia after Studies:

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Latvia has a provision of international students to stay back in the country. The international students who are pursuing a masters in Latvia are allowed to stay back in Latvia for the duration of six months once the study program is over.

Is it easy to get a job in Latvia?

Its relatively easy to get a job as a non-EU foreigner if you have language or IT skills. There are shortage mostly on these sectors, where skilled foreigners usually fill in. For more residence and work permit questions, you can check the The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia website.

What is a good salary in Riga?

Average Salary in Riga, Latvia

The average salary in Riga is considerably higher than the minimum. Currently the average net wage in Riga is of 850 euros per month as of 2021.

What is average salary in Riga?

How much money does a person working in Riga make? A person working in Riga typically earns around 1,410 LVL per month. Salaries range from 360 LVL (lowest average) to 6,280 LVL (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Is it expensive to live in Latvia?

Summary: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,375$ (2,026€) without rent. Cost of living in Latvia is, on average, 29.16% lower than in United States. …

Is it easy to find part time job in Latvia?

Yes, it is. But usually those easiest jobs are low paid. You can find better jobs too but that would require an effort. Check out national job databases like and for English based jobs which foreigners may apply for.

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How much does it cost to study in Latvia?

The cost of studies depends on the institution and the programme being followed. The range is from less than €1,600 per year in certain bachelor’s degree programmes (3-4 years of studies) to €15,000 per year for a degree in Dentistry (5 years) to €25,600 for Executive MBA degree.

What is the average salary in Latvia?

What is the average salary in Latvia? Latvia offers an average salary of about $10.98 an hour, $2,004.7/month, or $24,059.60 a year. These figures are inclusive of housing, transport, and other benefits, which brings the take-home pay (after taxes) to an average of $827/month.

Is ielts required for Latvia?

New standards enable international students’ easier start to pursue education in Latvia. … Because of the high interest of students to study in English language, the minimum grade requirement is 65%. Some programs, however, allow 60%. Another requirement is IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 580.

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