Do Estonians drink a lot?

Report: Estonians stand out for largest alcohol consumption in OECD. … An average adult in an OECD country consumes 9.1 liters of pure alcohol a year – that is considerably more than in other parts of the world. In Estonia, however, the amount is even higher, 12.3 liters per adult in 2012, the report says.

Do Estonians drink alot?

Estonia is considered to have one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in both the Baltic states and Europe as a whole. According to the survey done by Estonian Institute of Economic Research, a few years ago about 86 percent of the adult population, from 16 to 75-years-old, consumed alcohol.

How much do Estonians drink?

Last year, Estonian residents consumed an average of 10.1 liters of absolute alcohol per adult last year, down 2 percent on year, spokespeople for the Ministry of Social Affairs told BNS on Monday.

What alcohol do Estonians drink?

Vana Tallinn is a traditional Estonia alcoholic drink that is a dark brown liqueur with a mild rum taste. Fruit wines are found in Estonia and are usually flavoured with apples and different berries. In terms of non-alcoholic beverages, Kali is the most popular.

Can you drink alcohol in Estonia?

The Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) on Wednesday voted for amendments to the law enforcement act which will prohibit drinking alcohol in public, Public Broadcasting reports. Drinking in public is illegal in both Latvia and Lithuania. …

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How do you serve Vana Tallinn?

Try the classic Vana Tallinn in the Baltic version of the Aperol Spritz, the “Vana Tallinn Spritz”. Simply fill a glass with ice, add the liqeuer, then top with lemon juice and sparkling water; garnish with a slice of orange or orange peel twist.

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