Do they speak Polish in Latvia?

The Poles who did find themselves in the state of Latvia became the new country’s fourth-largest minority at 3% of the total population, behind the Russians, Germans and Jews. … Some – predominantly younger – are speaking in Latvian, others in Polish, although most seem at least conversant in both languages.

Can Latvians understand Polish?

Not at all similar. Polish is a West Slavic language, while Latvian is a Baltic language heavily influenced by Finno-Ugric. Thus, they are in different branches of the Indo-European language family, and while they are related, they are not mutually intelligible.

Is Latvia a poor country?

Latvia is the fourth poorest EU state in terms of GDP per capita. According to Eurostat data from 2015 (published in March 2017), the quality of life in Latvia is just 64% of the European average. Latvia is the fourth poorest EU country according to Eurostat.

How do Latvians spell Hello?

Hello. Whenever you meet someone, the first that you expectedly say is that you greet them with a Hello/Hi. In Latvian, you say Sveiki in place of Hello/Hi.

Is Poland cheaper than Latvia?

Poland is one of the larger countries in central Europe. … Although both Poland and Latvia are both very affordable when compared to other European countries, Latvia can be a bit more expensive than Poland.

Is Latvia cheap or expensive?

Compared to some other European countries we have visited, Latvia is a little cheaper, however, it is more expensive than Latin America. We keep tabs on our travel costs for different countries as we roam the world. Check our travel costs by country list and see how much your next trip may cost.

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