Frequent question: Can you swim in Finland?

Finland is a country with 188,000 lakes, and Saimaa is at the heart of its lake district. Along its shores, you’ll find countless places to swim either at the official swim beaches or in the wild of nature. There are also swimming halls to be found in Mikkeli and Savonlinna for when you’d prefer to swim indoors.

Can you go swimming in Finland?

Official public beaches in Finland in general have excellent water quality. This makes swimming in Finland quite safe. In fact, in 2019, the water quality in 92 % of Finnish public beaches was good or excellent according to EU standards.

Can you swim in lakes in Finland?

Finland is a true swimmer’s paradise: you can swim anywhere you like and waters are clear and safe. Finnish Lakeland is the largest lake district in Europe. The Baltic Sea offers world’s largest archipelago for swimming adventures. Open water swimming season starts in May and lasts ’till October.

How cold is water in Finland?

Sea water temperature throughout Finland is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C. The warmest sea temperature in Finland today is 18.2°C (in Pyharanta), and the coldest water temperature is 15.6°C (Hanko).

Is Finland a body of water?

Finland’s water area is vast: 187,888 lakes and ponds of more than five hundred square metres, as well as a total of 25,000 kilometres of rivers. The total area of inland waters is some 10% of the total area of the country. The area of Finland’s territorial waters in the Baltic Sea is some 36,000 square kilometres (2).

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Are Finnish immune to cold?

Scientists from UCL researched the gene, called, TRPM8, which allows humans to detect cold. … Scientists say that 88 % of Finnish people carry this genetic variant, while only 5 % of Nigerians have it. This gene can be traced back to 25 thousand years ago, when the climate in Europe was much colder.

Are there alligators in Finland?

Finland is a boring place. This nordic country does not have much to write home about. There are no earth quakes, no alligators, no sharks in the water… … Thankfully the Finnish Statistics Bureau keeps track of animal related deaths in the Finland.

Can you swim in ice cold water?

Cold water swimming (winter or ice swimming) has a long tradition in northern countries. Until a few years ago, ice swimming was practiced by very few extreme athletes. For some years now, ice swimming has been held as competitions in ice-cold water (colder than 5 °C).

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