Frequent question: Is Tallinn cheaper than Riga?

In fact, in 2015, The Independent named it the cheapest European city break destination! In all fairness, Tallinn and Riga also made the top ten list, however, prices in Lithuania’s capital are roughly 10% less expensive than Riga and 15-20% less expensive than Tallinn.

Should I go to Riga or Tallinn?

Riga is by far the largest of the three cities – it is a slightly imposing, cosmopolitan city that has much more to offer than its toursity old town. Tallinn is much smaller and compact (especially the old town). Tallinn is by far the most “charming” of the three but perhaps also the most touristy.

Which Baltic state is the cheapest?

All three Baltic States are among the cheapest countries to visit in Europe, with Estonia being the most expensive, Latvia having some of the cheapest flights, and Lithuania being the cheapest once you get there.

Which is cheaper Latvia or Estonia?

Latvia is 11.1% cheaper than Estonia.

Is Tallinn worth visiting?

Estonians have a rich culture and you can find museums (different, ranging from medieval torture to popart and everything in between. I truly recommend to take a tour guide to walk around in the old town. It’s amazing, and all the stories! If you’re into night life then Tallinn is also a good place to visit.

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Which is the best Baltic state to visit?

Top 10 Places to See in the Baltic States

  • Jurmala, Latvia. …
  • Basilica of the Assumption, Aglona, Latvia. …
  • Narva Castle, Estonia. …
  • Cesis, Latvia. …
  • The Curonian Spit, Lithuania. …
  • Tallinn, Estonia. …
  • Riga, Latvia. …
  • Vilnius, Lithuania. The beautiful capital boasts the Old Town protected by UNESCO.

How do you travel between Baltic States?

Bus is an easy and convenient way to get between the Baltic states, but traveling by bus from another European country can be arduous. Consider Lux Express, Eurolines, Ecolines, Flixbus or other bus services, which allow you to relax between the relatively short distances between capital cities.

Is it safe to travel to the Baltic states?

Baltics travel is fairly safe — safer, in fact, than most anywhere on the European continent. The biggest physical safety concern one might face in the Baltic nations is, if you happen to be travelling in winter, to beware of walking beneath icicles — they can be dangerous if they fall!

How long does it take to cross the Baltic Sea?

How long should you travel? But if we are a little rational, I would say that it takes 2 to 4 days for each capital to get a good overview. In addition, there are a few hours of transport and 3 to 8 days for some trips and excursions to see a little of the beautiful landscapes.

How big is Latvia compared to UK?

Latvia is about 3.8 times smaller than United Kingdom.

United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Latvia is approximately 64,589 sq km, making Latvia 26.51% the size of United Kingdom.

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Which is cheaper Latvia or Lithuania?

Lithuania is 2.0% more expensive than Latvia.

Is Lithuania cheaper than Estonia?

A week in Lithuania can cost you about €515 (per person), while a week in Estonia may cost you around €565. … When comparing food in Estonia vs. Lithuania they are not just different in cuisine, but also in price. Meal and restaurant costs in Estonia (€24) are often cheaper than Lithuania (€29).

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