Frequent question: Why do you think that Estonia Piano Company is considered to be such a remarkable success story?

The Estonia Piano Company is one of Estonia’s most remarkable success stories. Under communist rule, the company built pianos exclusively for the Soviet Union. There was no competition, no incentive to improve. … For workers as well as consumers, Estonia has shown the world that freedom works!

How did the Estonia Piano Company save itself from failure?

The Estonia Piano Company saved itself from failure by making innovations and change by importing the finest quality parts from all around the world.

Are Estonia pianos good?

So, I’d say that accomplished pianists will certainly find that Estonia grand pianos are of a high quality, but whether they suit their needs is another matter. And it’s all because people by now associate the piano as an instrument with the sound of a Steinway grand.

Who makes Estonia pianos?

In short, the Laul family has transformed Estonia into one of the piano industry’s greatest success stories by keeping production limited to under 400 grand pianos a year (no uprights) and focusing on a high level of quality.

How much are Estonia pianos?

Estonia Pianos for Sale | Buy a Estonia Piano at PianoMart

Year Details Price
2001 6’3″ Estonia Grand Piano (Beautiful!) $15,500
2004 Estonia 190 – Grand Piano 6’3″ $12,000
2016 Estonia L190 Grand Piano (comparable to Steinway) $38,999
2018 Estonia L210 with Macassar Ebony Inner Rim $48,500
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Where does the Estonia Piano Company get the parts and materials for its pianos?

To build a truly hand-crafted piano in the European tradition, Estonia sets the standard and then seeks out only proven European partners to supply each selected component in the pianos we build. Our iron plates come from Finland, and are made the old-fashioned, European way.

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