How cold is it in Finland in December?

December: December is usually very snowy and very dark, but it’s the time of Christmas, when Lapland and Rovaniemi, Santa’s home, become especially magical. Visiting Finland (Lapland) in December is a great idea! Temperatures: -15°C to -5°C (5°F – 23°F).

What is the weather like in Finland in December?

December brings below-freezing weather to Helsinki, Finland, though it’s accompanied by warm Christmas lights and festivities throughout the city. As winter begins its fiercest days, the daily temperature averages at -4°C. The average high temperature is 0°C, while the low is a cold -7°C.

What religion is in Finland?

As of 2019 about 69% of the population were members of the main national church, the Lutheran Church of Finland, with just over 1% belonging to the second national church, Finland’s Orthodox Church. There are also Catholic, Jewish and Islamic congregations as well as numerous smaller religious communities.

Is Finland expensive to live in?

In Finland, you will need between 700 – 900 EUR/month, depending on the area in which you will live. Helsinki is the most expensive city, while Laaperanta, Pori and Tampere are known as the most affordable student cities. Check the average budget you need for the large cities in Finland (including accommodation costs):

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Is December a good time to visit Finland?

When is the best time to visit Finland? It depends on what you’d like to experience: for plenty of snow and winter activities, December to March is the best time. For springtime sun and the revival of nature after the winter, April to May is the period.

Is Finland colder than Norway?

In Norway, the coastal regions have mild winters, while further inland winter is much colder. … Like neighboring Norway, Finland averages −6 °C (21 °F) to 1 °C (34 °F) in the month of January.

Where should I stay in Finland in winter?

10 Cozy Winter Retreats in Finland for a Magical Arctic…

  • Villa Vuosselinranta, Ruka. …
  • Eagles View Suite at Hotel Iso-Syöte. …
  • Art & Design Villas Anttolanhovi, Mikkeli. …
  • Kelo-Glass Igloos at Kakslauttanen, Saariselkä …
  • Levi ‘n’ Sky Luxury Villa. …
  • The SnowCastle of Kemi. …
  • Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos, Rovaniemi.

What time does it get dark in Finland in December?

December 2021 — Sun in Helsinki

2021 Sunrise/Sunset Astronomical Twilight
Dec Sunrise End
20 9:23 am ↑ 5:59 pm
21 9:23 am ↑ 6:00 pm
22 9:24 am ↑ 6:00 pm

Is Finland an expensive country?

Finland is the third most expensive country in the EU and the second most expensive country in the euro area. … Last year Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Ireland were more expensive than Finland. Differences in price levels between the Nordic countries have grown along with the economic recession.

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