How do I get from Amsterdam to Finland?

The best way to get from Amsterdam to Finland without a car is to train and ferry which takes 36h 44m and costs €230 – €360. How long does it take to get from Amsterdam to Finland? It takes approximately 4h 44m to get from Amsterdam to Finland, including transfers.

How do I get from Amsterdam to Lapland?

The best way to get from Amsterdam to Lapland is to fly which takes 8h 6m and costs €200 – €1100. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs and takes 41h 34m. How long is the flight from Amsterdam to Lapland? There is no direct flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Kittila Airport.

Is Amsterdam close to Finland?

The distance between Finland and Amsterdam is 1721 km. The road distance is 2721.6 km. … Amsterdam is 1h behind Finland. It is currently 6:15 AM in Finland and 5:15 AM in Amsterdam.

Can you get a train to Finland?

There are no direct trains between Sweden or Norway and Finland, but the bus over the gap from Boden/Luleå (Sweden) to Kemi (Finland) is free with a Eurail pass. Finland can also be reached by ferry from Denmark, Germany or Sweden.

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Is Holland close to Finland?

The distance between Netherlands and Finland is 1675 km. The road distance is 2722.5 km.

How do you get to Lapland?

The easiest way to access Finnish Lapland from Helsinki is by plane. Main airports with scheduled daily flights are in Rovaniemi (for Santa Claus village, Arktikum museum and Pyhä-Luosto), Kittilä (for Levi and Pallas-Ylläs), Kuusamo (for Ruka) and Ivalo (for Saariselkä, Urho-Kekkonen and Tankavaara).

Is Denmark in Finland?

Finland has an embassy in Copenhagen. Both countries are part of the Nordic Council. Denmark officially recognized Finland’s independence in 1918 and diplomatic relations were established on 18 February of that year.

Country comparison.

Denmark Finland
Capital city Copenhagen Helsinki

Is Dutch from Finland?

Dutch people in Finland are immigrants from the Netherlands living in Finland. They numbered around 2,000 in 2017 and live mainly in the cities of Helsinki and Espoo.

Can you get a ferry from UK to Finland?

There are no direct freight ferries from the UK to Finland, however the extensive road network across Europe means that there is a great deal of flexibility in the options you have to get to there.

Is Netherlands more expensive than Finland?

Finland is 9.1% cheaper than Netherlands.

How many times does the Netherlands fit in Finland?

Finland is about 8 times bigger than Netherlands.

Netherlands is approximately 41,543 sq km, while Finland is approximately 338,145 sq km, making Finland 714% larger than Netherlands.

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