How do I get from Stockholm to Estonia?

The Stockholm Tallinn ferry route connects Sweden with Estonia. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Tallink Silja. The crossing operates up to 3 times each week with sailing durations from around 15 hours 45 minutes.

How many hours from Sweden to Estonia?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Estonia and Sweden is 400 km= 249 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Estonia to Sweden, It takes 0.44 hours to arrive.

How do you get from Estonia to Sweden?

There are 2 ferry routes operating between Estonia and Sweden offering you combined total of 15 sailings per week. Tallink Silja operates 1 route, Tallinn to Stockholm which runs 4 times weekly. DFDS Seaways operates 1 route, Paldiski to Kapellskar which runs 11 times weekly.

How long is the ferry from Finland to Estonia?

The Viking Line XPRS ferry makes the trip from Helsinki to Tallinn in 2 hours 15 minutes to two hours 30 minutes, depending on the specific schedule.

Is Tallinn worth visiting?

Estonians have a rich culture and you can find museums (different, ranging from medieval torture to popart and everything in between. I truly recommend to take a tour guide to walk around in the old town. It’s amazing, and all the stories! If you’re into night life then Tallinn is also a good place to visit.

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Is Tallinn expensive to visit?

1. Re: Is Tallinn expensive? It’s not the cheapest destination in Europe but far from the most expensive. You’ll probably find it a bit on the cheap side compared to where you’re coming from.

What is needed to visit Sweden?

You’ll need a valid national identity card or passport when entering Sweden from another Schengen EU country. A driving licence don’t qualify as a travel document and we recommend that you bring your passport in case you will need to prove your identity.

Is Estonia cheaper than Finland?

Finland is significantly more expensive than Estonia, and it’s also a much larger country. Although both countries have a lot to offer visitors, if you’re short on time or money, you’ll likely benefit more from a trip to Estonia.

How many days in Tallinn is enough?

The interesting part of Tallinn is the old town, it’s quite small. Two full days is enough time in my opinion, 2 1/2 days if you also go to Kadriorg. Take the Tallinn card, you enter all the museums for free, even Club Hollywood and all buses are free also.

Do they speak English in Estonia?

This so-called “elven” language is spoken by around 1.1 million people globally. Estonia has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 99.8% and nearly everyone speaks a foreign language, most commonly English and Russian, but also Finnish, German or Swedish.

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