How do Lithuanians celebrate birthdays?

Co-workers greet the person during the workday closest to his birthday. Name days exist for every Lithuanian name but they are usually not celebrated save for a few particular Christian names (e.g. Jonas – John).

What are some traditions in Lithuania?


  • The night that the animals talk. Lithuanians have their own special way of celebrating the night before Christmas, which we call Kūčios. …
  • Chasing away winter with pancakes. …
  • Greeting spring with verbas. …
  • The Easter egg – a symbol of life. …
  • Bonfires and ferns on the shortest night.

Are Lithuanians punctual?

The people of Lithuania are punctual; they always come to meetings on time and do not tolerate delays.

Do Europeans celebrate birthdays?

Birthday Celebrations from Europe. Who Was Born On Your Birthday? In some parts of Europe they have a birthday tree planted when the new child is born. … To protect the birthday person from harm, friends and family would gather around them and bring good thoughts and wishes.

Is celebrating birthdays in the Bible?

Nothing in the Bible says that birthdays should not be celebrated. … However, this phrase is sometimes used out of context in the Bible. In Ecclesiastes 8, it does say “I commend the enjoyment of life because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad.”

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What cultures don’t celebrate birthdays?

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate birthdays. Orthodox Jews do not celebrate birthdays. Jesus didn’t celebrate birthdays and would be offended that people celebrate Christmas. Islamic cultures don’t celebrate birthdays from what Muslims have shared with me.

Do Muslims celebrate birthdays?

Muslims don’t even celebrate the birthday of prophet Muhammad(pbuh). Birthdays are a cultural tradition. Muslims do not celebrate Christmas like Christians. Other Muslims may not celebrate birthdays for cultural reasons because it does not say in the Quran or in valid hadith that we can not celebrate birthdays.

How do Lithuanians greet each other?

The most common greeting is the handshake, with direct eye contact, and a smile. Once a relationship has been established, greetings may become more unreserved and include a hug. Wait for your Lithuanian friends to determine when your friendship has reached this level of intimacy.

Why is 21 a big birthday in Ireland?

The Big ‘Two-One’

One Irish birthday tradition for 21 year olds is to give them the key to the house, signifying an independent adult. (We suspect 21 year olds care more about legal drinking age than letting themselves into their own houses… but maybe that’s just us.)

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