How do you travel between Norway Sweden and Finland?

TRAIN rides: a vast, scenic and efficient railway system connects the entire country. By train you can travel from Kristiansand, in the very south, to Bodø or even Narvik (through Sweden), in the Norwegian Lapland. (think Northern Lights in the winter!). Vy is the national train company (previously NSB).

What is the best way to tour Scandinavia?

The Best Ways to Travel Around Scandinavia

  1. Public transport. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland offer a wide range of transportation facilities and you can choose whichever suits you the best. …
  2. By coach. …
  3. Walking and hiking. …
  4. Bike rental. …
  5. Car rental. …
  6. Driving restrictions. …
  7. Infrastructure taxes. …
  8. Train.

How do you get from Norway to Sweden?

There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Norway and Sweden operated by 2 ferry companies – Color Line & Fjord Line. The Sandefjord to Stromstad ferry crossing operates weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 2 hours 30 minutes.

Should I visit Norway Sweden or Finland?

Norway is a very expensive country to visit, but if you have the money, it is well worth the trip. Finland is also a Scandinavian country, and is relatively expensive when compared to the rest of Europe. It is generally more affordable than Norway though, so if you’re short on funds, Finland may be a better option.

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How much does it cost to travel Scandinavia?

If you want a bare-bones budget of just food, accommodation, and transportation, you’ll need around $65-75 USD per day. Add in some museums, and you’ll need around $80+ USD per day. If you’re the average “stay in a hostel/hotel, eat cheap, go out a few times” traveler, then you should budget around $90 USD per day.

How long does it take to get from Norway to Sweden?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Norway and Sweden is 563 km= 350 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Norway to Sweden, It takes 0.62 hours to arrive.

Can I rent a car in Norway and drive to Sweden?

yes, we will land in norway,rent a car, take a visit to Sweden and then go back to Norway. I found that also for Sixt there are not problems.

Is Finland or Norway better for Northern Lights?

Norway is undoubtedly the best place for seeing the northern lights in Scandinavia, especially if you want to capture the aurora dancing above spectacular fjords and waterfalls. However, Sweden and Finland are both great options if you want to see the northern lights on a smaller budget.

Is Finland the same as Norway?

As a Finn myself, I would say the following: geographically Finland is not a part of Scandinavia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are. However, Finland, together with Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland form the Nordic countires, known in Finnish as Pohjoismaat. Estonia is not part of those five countries.

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Is Finland cheaper than Sweden?

Finland is the third most expensive country in the EU and the second most expensive country in the euro area. … Sweden was 9 per cent more affordable than Finland.

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