How is Christmas celebrated in Estonia?

In Estonia, Christmas time starts with Advent. Children put their socks on their window ledge and every day until Christmas Eve, December 24th, an elf comes and puts some sweets in it! On Christmas Eve families come together and in the evening Santa visits and asks people to tell him poems in exchange for gifts.

What are some traditions in Estonia?

Estonian holidays are mostly based on the Western Christian calendar and Protestant traditions. Notable among these is Jaanipäev, the Estonian Midsummer, which involves seeking one’s way to non-urban environments, burning large bonfires (“jaanituli”), and participating in the drunken revelry of jaaniõhtu.

What gifts are given on Christmas in Estonia?

Flowers, fine chocolates, sweets, and wine are all common and appreciated items. If giving flowers, etiquette requires the guest to present them in odd numbers. A thank-you call or note to the hostess is customary the following day.

How do they celebrate New Year in Estonia?

In Estonia, people strive to eat a lucky number of meals on New Year’s Eve. Numbers 7, 9, and 12 are considered the most auspicious—eating seven times will yield the strength of seven men the following year. Popular dishes include sauerkraut and marzipan for dessert.

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