How long does it take to get a work visa for Finland?

The Finnish Immigration Service aims to issue a decision on residence permits for employed persons within four months. The target processing time for EU Blue Card applications is three months. These target processing times do not apply to applications for residence permits for self-employed persons or au pairs.

How long does it take to get work permit in Finland?

It takes just under six months, or two months longer than the law permits, to process work-related residence permits in Finland. On average it takes the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) some 176 days to process a work-related residence permit, according to news group Lännen Media (LM), citing figures from Migri.

How do I get a work visa for Finland?

In order to qualify for a work visa in Finland you need to meet some specific criteria:

  1. You must have a valid work contract in Finland.
  2. You must have a university degree (except for seasonal work).
  3. You must work professionally in your field.
  4. You must be clear of any criminal charges.
  5. You must not be a danger to Finland.

How long does it take to get a Finland visa?

Processing time of the application

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Submit your visa application at a mission of Finland or a visa centre no later than 15 days before travel. The application can be submitted at the earliest six months before the intended visit.

How much is work permit in Finland?

Fees At A Glance

Residence permit (i.e. Spouse,Internship, Au-Pair) 520 470
Residence Permit for children (Under 18 years old) 270 240
Residence Permit for Students (degree or exchange) 450 350
Work Permit**(employment, self-employment, entrepreneurs) 690 490

Is it hard to get a job in Finland?

Do foreigners find it hard to get a job in Finland? – Quora. Short answer: YES!! Short answer: YES!! Long answer: It is hard for all of the foreigners to find a job.

What jobs are in demand in Finland?

Have a look at the top 3 jobs by demand in Finland:

  • Software engineering. In the European tech sector currently, the most in-demand workers are software engineers. …
  • Nursing. The demand for nurses is constantly growing. …
  • Early childhood educators. Kindergarten teachers are in-demand, especially English-speaking ones.

Can I get a job in Finland?

If you come to work in Finland and you are a citizen of a country that is not an EU member state or one of the Nordic countries, you need a residence permit. You must apply for a residence permit before you come to Finland. Before a residence permit can be granted to you, you must find a job in Finland.

Which is the toughest visa to get?

Hardest countries to get a visa

  • North Korea.
  • China.
  • Russia.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Bhutan.
  • Pakistan.
  • Nigeria.
  • Turkmenistan.
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Is Finland visa easy to get?

Finland. The Northern European country of Finland, despite the high number of visa applications it receives annually, remains an easy Schengen country to get a visa from. Rejecting only 1.7% of the applications its consulates abroad received, you have high chances to get a Schengen Visa to Finland.

Is it easy to get PR in Finland?

After you have resided on a continuous basis in Finland for a minimum of four years after graduation, you may already be eligible for permanent residency in the country. Usually, this can happen when you have been working in the country continuously and haven’t resided in another country for long periods of time.

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