How many hospitals are there in Estonia?

What is the hospital network like? There are 19 main hospitals in Estonia which are funded by the EHIF (Health Insurance Fund). There are also over 20 private hospitals which have different levels of agreements with the state for providing services. There are four central hospitals in Estonia.

How many private hospitals are there in Estonia?

There are currently about 65 public and private hospitals in Estonia, including 35 nursing and rehabilitation hospitals.

How many nurses are there in Estonia?

“Thus, they sacrifice their health and well-being to care for the health of their patients.” There are currently approximately 8,300 working nurses in Estonia, but there are more than 500 vacancies in the country’s healthcare system.

How many doctors are in Estonia?

According to the National Institute for Health Development, in 2018 there were approximately 4,600 practicing physicians in Estonia. There are 347 physicians per 100,000 persons, which is the average in the European Union.

How many hospitals are there in each country?

Total number of hospitals in select countries worldwide in 2018

Characteristic Number of hospitals
United States * 6,210
Mexico 4,629
Korea 3,924
Germany * 3,084

Is healthcare in Estonia good?

Estonia spends almost half of the money on healthcare per capita in comparison to the average in other European Union countries. Estonia’s life expectancy is 2.5 years less than the European average. Also, Estonia has a 13% rate of unmet medical needs while the European average is under 3%.

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Is healthcare free in Estonia?

The Estonian health insurance system is a solidarity-based social insurance system. This means it provides healthcare for everyone. Estonia is quite covered by health care and treatment is equally available in all regions.

Is health care free in Estonia?

State healthcare in Estonia is run by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF). Healthcare is not completely free. You may still have to pay for some treatments and services.

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