How much coffee does Finland consume?

In 2020, coffee consumption in Finland declined from the previous years, averaging 9.3 kilograms of roasted coffee per person. Over the past decade, the average coffee consumption per person stayed steadily around ten kilograms each year. Finland ranks among the world’s top coffee consuming nations per capita.

Does Finland consume the most coffee?

Finland has the highest per capita coffee consumption rates in the world, at around 12 kg yearly. Finland imports almost all its coffee directly from developing countries, with Brazil as main supplier.

What do they drink in Finland?

The national beverage of Finland is milk (sometimes curdled), which is safe to drink (as is water) throughout the country. Two famous Finnish liqueurs should be tasted: lakka, made from the saffron-colored wild cloudberry, and mesimarja, made from the Arctic brambleberry.

Does Finland drink alot?

Almost daily consumption of alcoholic beverages is still rare in Finland. Drinking more often than once a week is, however, far more common than it was a generation ago. Drinking frequency has increased the most among middle-aged men and women.

Does Finland have Starbucks?

As of August 2020, there were six Starbucks stores operating in Finland. All of the Finnish Starbucks stores were located in the capital region. … The beverage assortment of Starbucks consists of espresso-based drinks, freshly-brewed coffees, teas, and specialty beverages, to name a few.

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