Is Latvian a dead language?

For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help:IPA. The Livonian language (Livonian: līvõ kēļ or rāndakēļ; Estonian: liivi keel) is a Finnic language. Although its last native speaker died in 2013, there are about 40 reported speakers and 210 having reported some knowledge of the language.

Is Latvian an old language?

Latvian, rooted in Sanskrit and an Indo-European past, one of Europe’s most ancient languages, shares a common bond only with Lithuanian. These two languages form a separate branch of the whole European language classification.

What language is dying?

Definitely endangered – children no longer learn the language as a ‘mother tongue’ in the home.

UNESCO languages by degress of endangeredness.

Name in English Number of speakers Degree of endangerment
Meithei 1250000 Vulnerable
Tamang 1196639 Vulnerable
Quechua of Cuzco 1115000 Vulnerable
Eastern Slovak 1000000 Vulnerable

Is Latvian hard to learn?

Latvian is a tough one, its old, there are a ton of letters you’ve likely never seen (33 in the alphabet) and then there are letter combinations, and the sounds are difficult. The endings of words change in convoluted ways, even people’s names. Its quite difficult for foreigners to decipher.

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