Is there metro in Estonia?

Fictional metro network for the city of Tallinn, Estonia. For the 2021 redesign, I simplified some lines and re-imagined the network in a more efficient way, with slightly less stations, more direct paths and the confluence of many lines in the Old Town and city center.

Does Estonia have a metro?

Tallinn is the only city in Estonia to have ever used trams or trolleybuses.


Number Route
21 Balti jaam (Main Rail Station) – Landi
21A Väike-Õismäe – Kakumäe
21B Balti jaam (Main Rail Station) – Kakumäe
22 Väike-Õismäe – Estonia

Is transport free in Tallinn?

Tallinn is the largest city to offer free public transport so far. … The scheme covers the whole municipal transport network including bus, tram and trolleybus fleets, a total of about 600 vehicles.

How do you use the Tallinn Tram?

Purchase online at or with the mobile app Purchase up to 10 rides onto your QR-ticket. Share them with your friends and family. First, validate your ride, then choose the number of extra rides to be purchased using the arrows, then press OK and swipe your QR-ticket again.

Is public transport free in Tartu?

Passengers with the right of free travel under the Public Transport Act (a Tartu bus smart card is not required and journeys do not need to be registered on the on-board validators): children under the age of seven, individuals 16 years and younger with a disability, individuals with a profound disability, individuals …

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Where is the Tallinn train station?

Baltic Station (Estonian: Balti jaam) is the main railway station in Tallinn, Estonia.

Tallinn Baltic Station
Location Toompuiestee 37, 10133 Tallinn Estonia
Coordinates 59°26′23.82″N 24°44′13.74″ECoordinates: 59°26′23.82″N 24°44′13.74″E
Owned by Go Group
Operated by Go Group
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