Quick Answer: How long is it from Norway to Finland?

How long is it from Finland to Norway?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Finland and Norway is 940 km= 584 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Finland to Norway, It takes 1.04 hours to arrive.


GPS Coordinates (DMS) 61° 55´ 26.7960” N 25° 44´ 53.3400” E
Altitude 176 m
Country Finland

Is there a train from Norway to Finland?

There are no direct trains between Sweden or Norway and Finland, but the bus over the gap from Boden/Luleå (Sweden) to Kemi (Finland) is free with a Eurail pass. Finland can also be reached by ferry from Denmark, Germany or Sweden. You can get a 50% discount on most ferries with your pass.

How expensive is Finland compared to Norway?

Norway is 29.8% more expensive than Finland.

How do you get from Norway to Finland?

The quickest way to get from Norway to Finland is to fly which costs kr 380 – kr 1600 and takes 3h 48m. How far is it from Norway to Finland? The distance between Norway and Finland is 930 km.

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How far apart is Norway and Finland?

The shortest distance (air line) between Finland and Norway is 519.00 mi (835.25 km). The shortest route between Finland and Norway is 865.45 mi (1,392.81 km) according to the route planner.

How do you travel between Norway Sweden and Finland?

Enjoy a ferry ride from Oslo or Kristiansand to Denmark. Travel by train to a number of destinations in Sweden. There are bus routes north of the Gulf of Bothnia (in between Sweden and Finland), so you can move within certain destinations in Lapland (Norway, Sweden and Finland) by bus.

How do you get from Sweden to Finland?

The best way to get from Finland to Sweden is to fly which takes 3h 53m and costs €40 – €200. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €85 – €130 and takes 28h 7m. How long is the flight from Finland to Sweden? The quickest flight from Helsinki Airport to Stockholm Airport is the direct flight which takes 1h.

Is Finland better than Norway?

In general, Finland is flatter than Norway, and while it is a beautiful and impressive country, it doesn’t have the dramatic scenery that you find in Norway. … Finland also has a slightly better transportation system than Norway, so if you don’t have access to a car, it’s an easier country to explore.

Is Finland or Norway better for Northern Lights?

Norway is undoubtedly the best place for seeing the northern lights in Scandinavia, especially if you want to capture the aurora dancing above spectacular fjords and waterfalls. However, Sweden and Finland are both great options if you want to see the northern lights on a smaller budget.

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Is Finland bigger than Norway?

Norway is approximately 323,802 sq km, while Finland is approximately 338,145 sq km, making Finland 4% larger than Norway.

Is Finland colder than Norway?

In Norway, the coastal regions have mild winters, while further inland winter is much colder. … Like neighboring Norway, Finland averages −6 °C (21 °F) to 1 °C (34 °F) in the month of January.

Which is better Denmark or Finland?

Denmark and Finland are both in the Scandinavian region of Europe. The region is notoriously expensive for travelers and in general, Denmark is a bit more costly than Finland. … Finland is another beautiful and fun country to visit. Helsinki is the capital city, and it is a fun place to spend some time.

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