Quick Answer: What country lies at the entrance of the Baltic Sea?

The large islands of Bornholm (Denmark) and Öland and Gotland (Sweden) lie in the western Baltic, while the Åland Islands (Finnish: Ahvenanmaa), farther north, rise from a narrows between Sweden and Finland and mark the entrance to the arm of the Baltic known as the Gulf of Bothnia.

What are the countries that border the Baltic Sea?

The EU Member States – Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany – and Russia are all directly bordering the Baltic Sea. Parts of Norway and Belarus, both no riparian countries, are in the catchment area of the Baltic Sea.

Which country is known as the key to the Baltic Sea?

An arm of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic Sea is enclosed by Sweden and Denmark to the west, Finland to the northeast, the Baltic countries to the southeast, and the North European Plain to the southwest.

Sub-area 3. Gulf of Finland
Area km2 29,600
Volume km3 1,100
Maximum depth m 123
Average depth m 38.0

Does Norway touch the Baltic Sea?

It is bound by the Baltic Sea to the west, Latvia to the north, Poland and the Kalinigrad Oblast of Russia to the southwest as well as Belarus to the south and east…. Norway is located on the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula in North West Europe.

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What are three Scandinavian countries that border the Baltic Sea?

What are three Scandinavian countries and at least two other nations that border the Baltic Sea? Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are Scandinavian countries that border the Baltic Sea; Germany and Poland are two countries that border the Baltic Sea as well.

Can you swim in the Baltic Sea?

The Baltic sea water is cool, but not cold at summer. … The beach is safe, and you cannot swim so far, because you will kick some sea-rocks when you go far away from the shore. The water is shallow, just go to try it, no harm.

Is there sharks in the Baltic Sea?

Distribution: Contrary to popular belief, there are sharks in the Baltic Sea. In fact, 31 species of sharks and closely related skates, rays and chimaeras (collectively known as cartilaginous fishes) have been recorded in this area.

Why salinity is low in Baltic Sea?

Answer : Salinity is low in the land locked Baltic Sea because of the high temperature. The fresh water from the surrounding land gets run off and the salt density is also low. The Baltic Sea is almost land-locked and covers an area of “122415 000 km”.

Does Russia have access to the Baltic Sea?

There are nine countries with a shoreline at the Baltic Sea: Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia (at the Gulf of Finland, and at the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast), Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden.

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