Quick Answer: What do Latvians think of Estonians?

Do Latvians like Estonians?

Most Latvians don’t think about Estonians and Estonia at all. Those who do are envious of their achievements. Although, geographically Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are known as the Baltic States. Estonia has nothing in common with Lithuania and Latvia.

Do Lithuanians like Estonians?

No. Before you get shocked let me answer another question: Do Estonians dislike Lithuanians? The answer: No. Most Estonians do not think about Lithuania or Lithuanians at all.

How many Estonians live in Latvia?


Total population
Ukraine 2,868
Ireland 2,560
Belgium 2,000
Latvia 1,676

Can Latvians and Estonians understand each other?

In Soviet times, Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians used to be able to understand each other pretty well when they all spoke Russian as a lingua franca.

Nevertheless, Estonians are still the closest genetic relatives that the Finns have, reported Postimees. … Of the DNA sets analyzed, those most distantly related to Estonians were the Italians, French, Spanish, and Finns in northern Kuusamo region.

Is Latvia bigger than Estonia?

Latvia is approximately 64,589 sq km, while Estonia is approximately 45,228 sq km, making Estonia 70.02% the size of Latvia.

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