What attracts tourists to Estonia?

Estonia has been the most successful of the former communist‐​controlled countries, in part because of excellent political leadership since independence, including the remarkable Mart Laar — the father of the economic reform, who served as prime minister from 1992–1994, and again from 1999–2002.

Why is Estonia beautiful?

It’s Picturesque. From the medieval cities to the nearby islands, Estonia has some pretty unbelievable scenery. Islands like Muhu boast dramatic bluffs with wild horses playing along the water. Saaremaa yields acres of fluorescent yellow rapeseed blooming as far as the eye can see.

Is Estonia expensive?

Estonia has become the most expensive country in the Eastern part of the European Union, Poland being cheapest. As confirmed by personal experience and fresh Eurostat data.

Do they speak English in Estonia?

This so-called “elven” language is spoken by around 1.1 million people globally. Estonia has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 99.8% and nearly everyone speaks a foreign language, most commonly English and Russian, but also Finnish, German or Swedish.

Is it worth going to Estonia?

Estonia is ranked in the top 5 countries for the cleanest air in the world due to huge expanses of forest and a relatively smaller population within the borders. The medieval Old Town of Tallinn is considered the best and most preserved in the world. 50% of Estonia is made up of forestry.

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How do Estonians look like?

Estonians have a pretty distinct look going on due to many occupations and mixed blood. Most of us are tall and very blonde with some Eastern European facial features.

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