What can you do in Helsinki layover?

During a layover you can visit Helsinki’s Central Library Oodi, go ice swimming or experience local nature. We gathered together the best tips to help you familiarise yourself with Helsinki and Vantaa during a short stay. At times, every air passenger has to spend hours in an airport waiting for a connecting flight.

Can I transit through Helsinki Airport?

Can I transit via Helsinki Airport? Transit is permitted to domestic flights according to Finnish immigration restrictions. Transit is permitted on international flights according to the immigration restrictions of the next transit airport or the country of destination.

Is Helsinki worth visiting?

Helsinki doesn’t get all the press that other Scandinavian cities receive, but it’s still worth a visit (especially if you’re in the area, as it’s only an hour from Tallinn, Estonia, and an overnight ferry ride from Stockholm).

Can you leave the airport during a layover in Helsinki?

If you are travelling within the Schengen area , you are allowed to exit the airport during a layover. Travelers from outside the Schengen area can also leave the airport if they don’t need a visa to visit the Shengen area, or they already have a visa that allows a visit to Finland.

Does Helsinki Airport have Covid testing?

Testing of passengers arriving in Finland

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Even if you are not directed to a health assessment point at Helsinki Airport, you may get tested for COVID-19 free of charge. The testing point is at gate 32, which means the test must be taken before going to baggage claim and arrivals halls.

Do I need transit visa for Helsinki?

No, if you don’t leave the airport’s transit area. If you have a Schengen visa, you can leave the airport and visit the city.

Does Helsinki Airport have free WIFI?

Finavia offers unlimited free Wi-Fi to all passengers at Helsinki Airport. The Wi-Fi connection is fast (100 Mb/s) and easy to use. Find a network called “Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi” and connect to the wireless network via the startup page that opens in your web browser. …

What time does Helsinki Airport open?

There are two terminals, T1 and T2, at Helsinki Airport. Please check before arriving at the airport which terminal your carrier uses. Both terminals at Helsinki Airport are open 24/7.

How long should a layover be to leave the airport?

Your connecting flight could still leave without you if you’re not there, so it’s best to leave more than enough time. In general, according to SmarterTravel, in order to make a connecting flight at a U.S. airport, you should allow 60 to 90 minutes to make your flight.

What can I do on a 5 hour layover?

Airport Layovers: 9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Layover

  1. Work Out. If you’re not shy about folding into downward dog in public, pack a yoga mat and work on your positions at the airport. …
  2. Leave the Airport, See the Sights. …
  3. Sleep. …
  4. Get a Room. …
  5. Play a Game. …
  6. Play an Instrument. …
  7. Chat with a Stranger. …
  8. Eat Like a King.
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