What is the weather like in the Baltics in August?

However, by July air temperatures will reach 16 or 17 deg C (61-63 F) rising to 22 deg (72 F) near mainland coasts. … To the south of Gotland the May temperatures of 5 or 6 (41-43) will become about 16 degrees (61 F) in August.

What is the weather in the Baltic in August?


Month Ave Daily Max Temp Deg C Number of days with >1mm rain
July 22 8
August 21 10
April 9 7
May 15 8

What is the best time of year to visit the Baltics?

The best time to visit the Baltic States is late spring or summer, when there’s usually enough fine weather to allow you to stroll around the cities and make significant forays into the great outdoors.

Is the Baltic Sea rough in August?

The Baltic Sea is essentially a sheltered body of water, having only one outlet between Denmark and Sweden – the Øresund. … The Baltic Sea is for the most part quite calm during summer, only becoming moderately choppy if a summer squall should develop.

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How cold is the Baltic Sea in summer?

The Baltic Sea is near the freezing point in winter and is very cool in summer: the water temperature is around 2.5 °C (36.5 °F) in February and March, while in summer, it reaches 17 °C (62.5 °F) in July and 18.5 °C (65 °F) in August.

Are the Baltics worth visiting?

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all of them are worth to visit. There are great people, nice cities, beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes in the Baltic countries. If you are visiting the Baltic countries in summer, it will be crowded but you will find an amazing nightlife.

Which is nicer Tallinn or Riga?

Riga is by far the largest of the three cities – it is a slightly imposing, cosmopolitan city that has much more to offer than its toursity old town. Tallinn is much smaller and compact (especially the old town). Tallinn is by far the most “charming” of the three but perhaps also the most touristy.

Which Baltic country is the best to visit?

Top 10 Places to See in the Baltic States

  • Jurmala, Latvia. …
  • Basilica of the Assumption, Aglona, Latvia. …
  • Narva Castle, Estonia. …
  • Cesis, Latvia. …
  • The Curonian Spit, Lithuania. …
  • Tallinn, Estonia. …
  • Riga, Latvia. …
  • Vilnius, Lithuania. The beautiful capital boasts the Old Town protected by UNESCO.

How many days should I spend in Tallinn?

Tallinn is quite small for a capital city and you can comfortably immerse yourself in the historic centre for 2 days and not miss out on anything of note…if you decide to stay an extra day then you can search out some of the attractions on the outskirts like Pirita Harbour & TV Tower, the Song Bowl stadium and Open- …

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What to pack for a Baltic cruise in August?

Pack for All Weathers

  • Light Shirts.
  • Shorts.
  • Trousers/Long Skirts (comfortable, relaxed and smart)
  • Warm Jumpers.
  • Thick Coat.
  • Waterproof Coat.
  • Light Jacket.
  • Walking Shoes.

Is the North Sea rough in August?

The best time for a North Sea cruise is at the height of summer, during the months of July and August, for calmer waters and fantastic, sunny weather. Although cruises often set sail during the shoulder months (May, June and September), you are likely to encounter a rougher sea, colder temperatures and rain.

Is the Baltic Sea rough in September?

1. Re: How rough is Baltic Sea in September? The Baltic is a pretty calm body of water and September is usually moderate and mild so I would think the cruise would be smooth. The large cruise ships have extensive stabilizers and are so massive than the low waves found in the Baltic have little effect on the ship.

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