When did agriculture reach Finland?

When did farming start in Finland?

Cultivation of cereals in Finland may have started as late as the start of the Iron Age in c. 500 BC.

What is the agriculture of Finland?

The statistics contain yield data on the most important crops in Finland. The crop statistics include, for example, cereals (wheat, rye, barley and oats), turnip rape, potato, sugar beet and grasses. The yields of crops are presented both in kilograms per hectare and as total yields in millions of kilograms.

Is Finland good for agriculture?

The majority of farms and agricultural land in Finland lie between the 60th and 65th parallel, making it the only country in the world with a significant agricultural sector so far in the north. The percentage of farms concentrating on animal production increases towards the north and east.

Is Finland an agricultural country?

Finland is the world’s northernmost agricultural country. … There are 2.2 million hectares of arable land in Finland, which is 6.5% of the country’s land area. In 2003 some 1,982,000 hectares were cultivated and more than 220,000 hectares were set aside.

What does Finland export the most?

The European Union makes up more than 60 percent of Finland’s total trade. The largest trade flows are with Germany and Sweden. Finland’s key export sectors are transportation, electronics, forestry, machinery, and chemicals.

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What fruits grow in Finland?

There are several fruits produced and cultivated in Finland, i.e. strawberry, bilberry, blueberry, lingonberry, cloudberry, raspberry, and apples.

What animals are farmed in Finland?

In the late 1980s, cattle operations remained the mainstay of farming, but Finland’s farmers also raised pigs, poultry, and other animals. Most pigs were raised on relatively large, specialized farms. Poultry production increased after the mid1960s to accommodate an increased demand for meat.

How many farmers are in Finland?

Last year there were 61,000 farms in Finland, and their average size keeps growing. Despite the general trend towards centralisation and the shift into other economic sectors, we do still have an agricultural sector in Finland which is around 54,000 businesses strong.

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