You asked: What should I pack for a 2 week Baltic cruise?

What do you wear on a Baltic Sea cruise?

The most important things you can pack for a Baltic cruise are a good comfortable pair of walking shoes and a coat.

On a baltic cruise you should pack the following:

  • A waterproof coat.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • Clothing essentials.
  • Any medicines needed.
  • Passport/Documentation/VISAs.
  • Travel adapters.

What should I pack for a 2 week European cruise?

A lightweight sweater, a rain jacket or a hoodie are all great options for that ‘just in case’ weather.

a small, easy-to-carry daypack to hold:

  • water.
  • valuables like ID, money and your room key.
  • a camera.
  • sunblock.
  • a great lip balm for sun protection.
  • and enough room to add in a few souvenirs along the way.

What should I pack for a 2 week Caribbean cruise?

What to Pack For Your Caribbean Cruise

  • Documents. There’s no quicker way to derail your cruise than forgetting your passport. – …
  • A Toiletry Bag. Use 3-ounce bottles so you can bring it in your carry on. – …
  • Beach Essentials. …
  • Cruise Clothing. …
  • Active Wear. …
  • Medications. …
  • Reusable Water Bottle. …
  • Shout Wipes.

What is the best time of year to do a Baltic cruise?

The best time to go is June or September. The weather tends to be warm, but the summer crowds have not all arrived yet.

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Is the Baltic Sea calm?

The Baltic Sea is essentially a sheltered body of water, having only one outlet between Denmark and Sweden – the Øresund. … The Baltic Sea is for the most part quite calm during summer, only becoming moderately choppy if a summer squall should develop.

How many outfits do I need for 2 weeks?

It is best to have two pairs of bottoms (pants, shorts, or skirts) for each week that you’ll be staying. Plan on bringing four shirts per week, and two jackets to layer for warmth (if you’re traveling to a cool or cold destination). For a two-week trip, you need four bottoms and eight tops.

What should you not forget on a cruise?

What Not to Forget On a Cruise: 13 Things to Remember to Pack

  • Adapter. If you’re traveling outside of the North American and Caribbean region and will be spending any time at a hotel, you’ll need to bring a power adapter with you. …
  • Band-Aids. …
  • Chargers. …
  • Emergency contact list. …
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes. …
  • ID. …
  • Masks. …
  • Medications.

What should you not wear on a cruise?

Don’t wear flip flops, sleeveless shirts (for men), cut-off jeans, T-shirts or gym shorts. If you want to attend a “cruise elegant” evening, bring a fancier, more formal outfit.

Do you carry a purse on a cruise?

Bring a small purse to hold your cruise card and camera when walking around the ship. I always like to have my camera with me so carrying a small purse means I don’t have to always have it in hand.

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