Your question: Does Latvia border a sea?

Latvia’s only distinct border is the Baltic Sea coast, which extends for 496 kilometers. Its neighbors include Lithuania on the south (453 kilometers of common border), Estonia on the north (267 kilometers), Russia on the east (217 kilometers), and Belarus on the southeast (141 kilometers).

Does Latvia have a beach?

The Baltic Sea coastline of Latvia is prolonged to around 500 kilometers and never halts to amaze its visitors with dunes, sandstone outcrops, cliffs, and rock dispositions. Latvia is a great destination for those who are looking to plan the trip to Europe which is full of beaches.

What is the terrain of Latvia?

Grassland, marshy meadows, low hills, and rolling plains make up most of the country, which has an average elevation of 292 feet above sea level. Pine, oak, and birch forests cover about one quarter of the country. Latvia is rich in lakes and rivers.

Is Latvia a poor country?

Latvia is the fourth poorest EU state in terms of GDP per capita. According to Eurostat data from 2015 (published in March 2017), the quality of life in Latvia is just 64% of the European average. Latvia is the fourth poorest EU country according to Eurostat.

Are Latvians Slavic or Nordic?

Slavic is an adjective for Slavs (an ethnic group) Latvians are not Slavs. Nordic is by contrast geographic. The Baltics are not usually considered Nordic, albeit in the broadest stretch they sometimes are.

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Can you swim in Riga?

Swimming. Finally, you CAN also swim in the Baltic Sea and in the Gulf of Riga. Yet, be ready for water temperatures that may vary greatly. On a hot summer day, it may reach 23-25 degrees C (73–77 degrees F), yet this is rare.

Can you swim in the Baltic Sea?

The Baltic sea water is cool, but not cold at summer. … The beach is safe, and you cannot swim so far, because you will kick some sea-rocks when you go far away from the shore. The water is shallow, just go to try it, no harm.

Why are Latvians so pretty?

If you’ve ever laid eyes on at least one of them, you’ve probably asked yourself: why are Latvians so beautiful? The answer is simple: genetics and hard work. With the genetics aspect of this, Latvian girls have physical features very typical of this region of Europe.

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