Your question: What do Estonians celebrate?

Significance Victory over the expulsion of German forces in the Estonian War of Independence; Celebration of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
Begins June 23
Ends June 24
Date June 24

What are Estonian most celebrated holidays?

Estonian National Holidays

  • Holiday in Estonia.
  • New Year’s Day in Estonia.
  • Independence Day in Estonia.
  • Good Friday in Estonia.
  • Easter Sunday in Estonia.
  • Spring Day in Estonia.
  • Mother’s Day in Estonia.
  • Pentecost Sunday in Estonia.

What are some holiday traditions in Estonia?

In Estonia, Christmas time starts with Advent. Children put their socks on their window ledge and every day until Christmas Eve, December 24th, an elf comes and puts some sweets in it! On Christmas Eve families come together and in the evening Santa visits and asks people to tell him poems in exchange for gifts.

What is Victory Day in Estonia?

Victory Day: June 23

The war of independence in Estonia against the German forces was won by the soldiers of Estonia, and the German rule in the region terminated as a result. This day of victory for Estonia has been celebrated on June 23 since the year 1920 when Estonia legally got independence from Germany.

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