How many presidents are in Latvia?

No. Name (Birth–Death) Term of office
7 Valdis Zatlers (born 1955) 8 July 2011
8 Andris Bērziņš (born 1944) 8 July 2015
9 Raimonds Vējonis (born 1966) 8 July 2019
10 Egils Levits (born 1955) Incumbent (Term ends on 8 July 2023)

Who is the president in Latvia?

Is Latvia left or right wing?

National Alliance (Latvia)

National Alliance Nacionālā Apvienība
Political position Right-wing to far-right
European affiliation Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe
European Parliament group European Conservatives and Reformists
Colours Maroon Gold

Is Latvia considered a 3rd world country?

02.07. 2019. In the field of anti-poverty policy, Latvia is the third poorest and most marginalized country, with a dramatic increase in the gap between the poor and the rich in recent years.

How far north is Latvia?

Distances from Latvia

Latvia is located 2,280.08 mi (3,669.44 km) south of the North Pole. How far is Latvia from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? Latvia is 3,938.32 mi (6,338.12 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

What is the capital city of Latvia?

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