Is Serbian and Lithuanian similar?

Is Lithuanian similar to Serbian?

These two languages are somewhat similar to Slavic languages, but too remotely for this to be very useful. If you don’t already know a Slavic language, then I’d say that Serbian and Lithuanian would be more or less equally hard.

One of the Southern Slavonic languages, Serbian is most closely related to Croatian, Bosnian and Slovene. It’s based on ‘Ekavian’, the variant of the formerly shared Serbo-Croat language spoken in Belgrade, and ‘Ijekavian’ spoken in western Serb areas.

Can Serbians understand Czech?

Both Croats and Serbs can not understand Czech. The most common surname in Slovakia is Horvat, the same as in Croatia. Also in top ten Slovak surnames half is of Croatian origin.

Are the Lithuanians Slavic?

Lithuania is Baltic, they speak their own language which is not a Slavic language.

Which country is called Serbia?

Serbia is located in the southern region of Europe, sharing borders with numerous other European countries. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade, which is also the largest city in Serbia.


Official Name Republic of Serbia
Continent Europe
Region Europe
Subregion Southern Europe
cca2 RS
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What is the purest Slavic language?

Old Church Slavonic is also sometimes called Old Bulgarian (especially by Bulgarians), so that hints at Bulgarian being the ‘purest’ in reference to the oldest Slavic writing, but of course that is just because a South Slavic language happens to be what was recorded as the earliest Slavic language, not because the …

Can Polish people understand Serbians?

Most of the time, they can‘t. Of course some words would be similar, some even very similar, very few ones the same, but Serbian is a South Slavic language, Polish is a West Slavic language. Having had exposure to Serbian of course influences understanding, and knowing another West Slavic language also helps.

Can Serbians speak Russian?

But no, Serbians don’t speak Russian and Russian is not the official language of Serbia. It is Serbian, a Slavic language that is very close to Russian and other Slavic languages, but they are not the same.

Why do Serbs and Croats hate each other?

The main reason is religion. Croats and Serbs speak the same language, but they have different religions due to different histories. Croats are Catholic, because Croatia used to belong to Austria. Serbs are Orthodox, because Serbia used to belong to the Ottoman Empire.

Do Serbs and Croats look different?

Dalmatian Croats are more tanned and are similar to Southern Serbs and Montenegrins, while continental Croats and Northern Serbs look similar. All in all, Croats are a bit fairer than Serbs, but quite insignificant.

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