Question: Are they going to raise the Estonia?

Helme: Estonia wreck can’t be raised, unilateral dive investigation viable. Interior minister Mart Helme (EKRE) says raising the wreck of the MS Estonia is beyond the resources of the state, given it would cost over €100 million. … The Estonia lies at a depth of 80 to 85 meters.”

Are there still bodies in Estonia?

Only 93 bodies were ever recovered, the last 18 months later. The 1997 report by an accident investigation committee set up jointly by Estonia, Sweden and Finland concluded that the locks on the bow visor failed, allowing it to tear free and expose the doors and ramp, which gave way, flooding the car deck.

Did the captain of the Estonia survive?

Only one other Estonian had such a right: Arvo Andresson, the captain on the bridge when the Estonia sank shortly after one o’clock on Wednesday morning. Captain Andresson went down with the ferry, according to Mr Meister. … Of the 140 crew Mr Songi hired to work on the Estonia, most are now dead.

Was the Estonia ever salvaged?

After a decision not to salvage the wreck or the bodies of the victims, the governments of Sweden, Estonia and Finland signed a treaty in 1995, where they agreed to designate the site of the wreck a final resting place and make it illegal for its citizens to disturb the site by diving down to it.

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Did MS Estonia hit a submarine?

Head of MS Estonia investigation: Estonia sank on collision with submarine.

Did anyone survive the Estonia?

917 people went down with the MS Estonia, 137 survived and she sank in less than 25 minutes because of a fault in the locks of the bowport. The locks failed and the bow fell of the vessel, giving free access to the cargo decks that quickly filled with water.

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