Question: Can I enter Finland if I have residence permit?

No, you cannot. The application must be submitted in person. Submit your application at a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate) abroad before coming to Finland. If you are already in Finland, submit your application at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Can I travel to UK with Finnish residence permit?

When travelling to the UK, your Finnish passport or ID card has to be valid for the duration of your trip. You will not be able to use your national ID card to enter the UK from 1 October 2021 and will need a passport instead.

Can you travel with residence permit?

From 1 January 2021 you can no longer use an Article 10 or 20 residence card issued by an EEA member state to travel to the UK if you’re accompanying your EEA citizen family member to the UK, or joining them in the UK.

Can you travel in EU with residence permit?

Yes, your residence permit allows you to travel freely to other countries within the Schengen area.

Can I have a residence permit in two countries?

Generally, no, you can’t have two permits, because you can only be a resident in one place at a time – it’s physically impossible to be in two places at once! That being said, your case is a little different. First, while you’re in the application process, by definition you don’t have a second permit yet.

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How do I get a residence permit in Finland?

First residence permits. You must apply for a first residence permit if you plan to stay in Finland for longer than 90 days. Select the application form on the basis of whether you will work or study in Finland or if you want to move to Finland to live with a member of your family.

Can I travel without my residence permit?

You are advised not to travel outside the UK without your BRP. The BRP is proof of your immigration permission and you are normally required to show this in order to travel to, and re-enter the UK.

Which countries can I visit with German residence permit?

There are countries that aren’t part of the EU, but are a part of the Schengen zone: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland but are still part of the Schengen zone. So yep, you are free to travel to these countries without a visa, as long as you hold your German residence permit!

Which countries can I visit with UK residence permit?

There are about 34 countries and territories you can visit with a UK visa.


  • Albania. Eligible nationalities: All nationalities. …
  • Georgia. …
  • Gibraltar (British Territory) …
  • Ireland. …
  • Montenegro. …
  • North Macedonia. …
  • Serbia. …
  • Turkey.

Can I travel to Switzerland with EU residence permit?

Third-country citizens holding a residence document or a visa type D for their destination country in the Schengen area are permitted to travel through Switzerland to that country.

Can I travel in Europe with Swiss residence permit?

The Schengen Agreement has an impact on the movement of persons. Holders of the following Swiss residence permits may travel within the Schengen Area* without a visa for stays of up to 90 days: B permit (residence permit)

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