Quick Answer: Does it snow in Tallinn at Christmas?

Tallinn’s winters are cold and snowy, with only six hours of daylight in December. Average temperatures stay below freezing from December to March, with January and February being the coldest months with average lows of -5°C (23°F).

What is there to do in Tallinn at Christmas?

Winter Specific Activities in Tallinn

  • Explore the Christmas Market. …
  • Go Ice Skating at the Uisuplats Ice Rink. …
  • Warm up in a Cafe. …
  • Take a Walking Tour. …
  • Visit Some of Tallinn’s Many Museums. …
  • Visit Patkuli viewing platform & Meet Stephen Seagull. …
  • Enjoy Street Art in Telliskivi. …
  • Pop into a Bookshop.

How often does it snow in Estonia?

How many days does it snow in Tallinn? Throughout the year, in Tallinn, there are 55.1 snowfall days.

Is Tallinn worth visiting?

Estonians have a rich culture and you can find museums (different, ranging from medieval torture to popart and everything in between. I truly recommend to take a tour guide to walk around in the old town. It’s amazing, and all the stories! If you’re into night life then Tallinn is also a good place to visit.

What is a good salary in Estonia?

The average salary in Estonia is of roughly € 1150 euros per month net. Qualified IT professionals can expect to earn way above this average. The average monthly wage in Estonia if you consider gross figures is of 1400 euros per month as of 2021.

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How cold are winters in Estonia?

Average temperatures range from 20.9° C in summer, with July usually being the hottest month, to -8° C in winter, although occasionally the temperature may rise to 30° C and above in summer or fall below -23° C in winter.

Is living in Estonia safe?

Estonia is one of Europe’s most spacious countries. … In Estonia you are never more than a 30-minute drive away from a forest or a lake. The living environment is very clean, relaxed and safe. According to the World Health Organization, Estonia has the best overall air quality in the entire world.

How much does it cost to live in Estonia?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,457$ (2,093€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 722$ (615€) without rent. Cost of living in Estonia is, on average, 24.71% lower than in United States. Rent in Estonia is, on average, 62.70% lower than in United States.

What should I wear in Estonia in the summer?

Top style tips for Estonia

Wear them with cool layers such as camisoles and a cardigan for the summer, or warmer ones e.g. a long sleeved shirt and sweater in the winter. Take sunglasses even in winter, as the sunrays reflect from the white snow.

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