Best answer: Where are Latvia in the FIFA rankings?

Which country has the highest FIFA ranking?

Top 20 rankings as of 12 August 2021

Top 20 rankings as of 12 August 2021
Rank Change Team
1 Belgium
2 1 Brazil
3 1 France

Who is the best country for soccer?

Methodology and Eligible Nations

1 Spain
2 Germany
3 Argentina
4 England
5 Italy

Who is the number 1 country in the world?

Finland has been named as the #1 country in the world in 2021 for Quality of Life, according to the CEOWORLD magazine 2021 report, while Denmark and Norway placed second and third, respectively.

Who is the lowest ranked football team in the world?

The 10 worst national teams in the world according to the FIFA world rankings

  • 204: San Marino.
  • 205: The British Virgin Islands.
  • 206: Anguilla.
  • 207: The Bahamas.
  • 208: Eritrea.
  • 209: Gibraltar.
  • 210: Somalia.
  • 211: Tonga.

Who is your favorite footballer?

Lionel Messi is my hero because he is my favorite football player. He is the best football player in the world.

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