Did Sweden sink MS Estonia?

Fate Capsized and sank on 28 September 1994
General characteristics
Type Cruiseferry
Tonnage 15,598 GT 3,006 DWT

Did the captain of the Estonia survive?

Only one other Estonian had such a right: Arvo Andresson, the captain on the bridge when the Estonia sank shortly after one o’clock on Wednesday morning. Captain Andresson went down with the ferry, according to Mr Meister. … Of the 140 crew Mr Songi hired to work on the Estonia, most are now dead.

Are there still bodies on the Estonia?

The government later decided not to raise the ship or the bodies. Authorities believe 996 people were aboard the Estonia when it sank on a voyage from Tallinn, Estonia, to Stockholm. Only 137 people survived, and 94 bodies have been recovered.

Who was the captain of MS Estonia?

Possibly not among the Estonian crew members was the ship’s newest captain, Arvo Andresson. Andresson was trained in the Soviet Union and had 23 years of experience at sea. He had been Estonia’s captain since she joined Estline, so the voyage to Stockholm wouldn’t have been out of the ordinary to him.

Did Russia sink the Estonia?

However, Russia is one of a number of countries who have so far remained secretive over the sinking of the Estonian vessel. Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Russia all signed the 1995 Estonia Agreement, which designated the wreck a sea grave and banned anyone from approaching the remains of the vessels.

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