Frequent question: What do they celebrate in Estonia?

Estonia holidays are jovial, celebrating art and culture. Long winter nights are made bearable by the highly anticipated Black Nights Film Festival, which brings the best movies from all over the world. Colorful events like Olesummer Beer Festival and Viljandi Folk Festival bring the old town to life.

What are the main holidays in Estonia?

Public holidays

Date English Name Estonian Name
February 24 Independence Day iseseisvuspäev
Moveable Friday Good Friday suur reede
Moveable Sunday Easter Sunday ülestõusmispühade 1. püha
May 1 Spring Day (May Day) kevadpüha

How do they celebrate Christmas in Estonia?

In Estonia, Christmas time starts with Advent. Children put their socks on their window ledge and every day until Christmas Eve, December 24th, an elf comes and puts some sweets in it! On Christmas Eve families come together and in the evening Santa visits and asks people to tell him poems in exchange for gifts.

Do they celebrate Easter in Estonia?

Easter has been celebrated in Estonia since the 13th Century, when the Teutonic Knights first introduced Christianity to the region, and both Easter Sunday and Good Friday are still public holidays in Estonia to this day.

How do they celebrate New Year in Estonia?

In Estonia, people strive to eat a lucky number of meals on New Year’s Eve. Numbers 7, 9, and 12 are considered the most auspicious—eating seven times will yield the strength of seven men the following year. Popular dishes include sauerkraut and marzipan for dessert.

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How and when is New Year’s celebrated in Estonia?

A New Year holiday is observed every 1 January in Estonia. New Year’s Eve celebrations on 31 December are complimented with a day of rest on the first day of January to recover from the day before.

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