Frequent question: Why Baltic Sea is important?

Many of these people rely on a healthy Baltic Sea for their food and incomes, and many treasure it as an important space for nature and leisure activities. The Baltic region includes eight of the 28 European Union member states. The Baltic Sea provides a critical connection between the EU and the Russian Federation.

Why is the Baltic Sea so special to live in?

1. Geographical position, geological development, hydrographical features, climate and physical drivers together create the Baltic Sea environment. … Being a semi-enclosed continental sea with a large drainage area compared to its water volume, the Baltic Sea ecosystem is heavily impacted by the surrounding landmasses.

What is so special about the Baltic Sea?

The unique Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is the youngest sea of our planet. … Due to massive freshwater runoff from the land and limited salt water inflows from the Danish straits, the salinity of the Baltic Sea is much lower than that of the oceans, and the water is considered to be brackish water instead of sea water.

What does the Baltic Sea produce?

The freshwater generates an outflowing low-salinity surface current towards the Skagerrak and North Sea, and an inflowing bottom current of higher salinity from the Skagerrak to the Baltic Sea. Persistent westerly winds can generate large short-term inflows of higher salinity.

The Baltic Sea.

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Are there sharks in the Baltic Sea?

Contrary to popular belief, there are sharks in the Baltic Sea. In fact, 31 species of sharks and closely related skates, rays and chimaeras (collectively known as cartilaginous fishes) have been recorded in this area.

Can you swim in the Baltic Sea?

The Baltic sea water is cool, but not cold at summer. … The beach is safe, and you cannot swim so far, because you will kick some sea-rocks when you go far away from the shore. The water is shallow, just go to try it, no harm.

Can you drink from the Baltic Sea?

Is drinking water from the Baltic sea a bad idea? – Quora. Yes it is salty, even though is much less salty than that “typical” ocean water (which salinity averages 3.5%). Near lagoons, the salinity can be 0.5% to 0.8% (theoretically possible to drink in case of dehydration), but in opens sea it is around 1.2 % to 1.6%.

Who is polluting the Baltic Sea?

The Baltic Sea is almost totally surrounded by land and therefore more endangered by pollution than other marine areas. The sources of marine pollution are municipal and industrial waste inputs directly into the sea or via rivers, and atmospheric inputs mainly from traffic and agriculture.

Does the Baltic Sea have fish?

For many fishes, the slightly salty water conditions result in an increased growth rate and many record-sized fish being caught in the sea basin during the years, perhaps most notably large specimen of sea trout, salmon and pike. …

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