How long did LaMelo ball stay in Lithuania?

How would you describe the past three months covering the Ball family’s time with Vytautas? There were probably three parts of the Ball experience in Lithuania. The first month was completely crazy.

How long was LaMelo in Lithuania?

After lasting just one year overseas in Europe, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball were forced to return back to America largely with their tail tucked between their legs after failing to make much of an impression on the team or league.

Why did LaMelo go to Lithuania?

LaMelo Ball in Lithuania

They came there thinking that they would get to showcase their skills against players older than them. For LaMelo, he really didn’t get much playing time at all. Here you have a kid who’s 16 in a foreign country playing basketball when he’s supposed to be back home in the U.S. in high school.

Did LaMelo Ball get paid in Lithuania?

LiAngelo Ball, 19, and LaMelo Ball, 16, have reportedly agreed to one-year contracts with the Lithuanian club, Vytautas. … If you’re thinking this is about money – contract money, anyway – it’s almost certainly not. European basketball experts say players at this level typically don’t get more than $500/month.

Did LiAngelo Ball play in Lithuania?

LiAngelo has declared for the 2018 NBA draft, where he probably won’t be selected. The Ball family did their thing in Lithuania for a four-month period of time, longer than many thought they would.

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What is LiAngelo ball salary?

Estimated Career Earnings

Year Salary Total Cash
2022-23 $8,623,920 $8,623,920
2023-24 $10,900,635 $10,900,635
2024-25 $14,301,633 $14,301,633
$49,897,908 $49,897,908

Which ball brother has the most money?


  • LaMelo Ball has an estimated net worth of $10 million after making his debut in the NBA league.
  • LaMelo also has a lucrative $100 million deal with Puma.
  • Lonzo Ball was recently traded to the Chicago Bulls with a four-year, $85 million contract.

How many 3s has ja Morant made?

Ja Morant has played in 11 games with 3+ three-pointers.

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