Is December a good time to see Northern Lights in Finland?

The best time for Northern Lights is from October to March. Statistically, winterly spring and autumn are fantastic for seeing Auroras in Finland. When we take into consideration cloudiness and the best averages for clear skies, there is one month that is a winner: March.

Can you see Northern Lights in Finland in December?

Although anywhere between September and April will give you a good chance of seeing the northern lights in Finnish Lapland, the nights are especially long between December and February.

What is the best month to see the Northern Lights in Finland?

In fact, the best times for viewing the Aurora Borealis are in the autumn and spring. The Northern Lights season in Finnish Lapland spans from mid-August until early April. Contrary to popular belief, the best times for spotting the Auroras are at the beginning and end of the season.

Is December a good time to visit Finland?

When is the best time to visit Finland? It depends on what you’d like to experience: for plenty of snow and winter activities, December to March is the best time. For springtime sun and the revival of nature after the winter, April to May is the period.

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How cold is it in Finland in December?

December: December is usually very snowy and very dark, but it’s the time of Christmas, when Lapland and Rovaniemi, Santa’s home, become especially magical. Visiting Finland (Lapland) in December is a great idea! Temperatures: -15°C to -5°C (5°F – 23°F).

How many hours of daylight does Finland Get in December?

In the middle of winter, in contrast, daytime is very short. In the south of the country daylight in December lasts only for 6 hours. In northern Lapland a period of darkness prevails at that time, with the sun not rising above the horizon at all.

Is Finland an expensive country?

Finland is the third most expensive country in the EU and the second most expensive country in the euro area. … Last year Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Ireland were more expensive than Finland. Differences in price levels between the Nordic countries have grown along with the economic recession.

Can you predict Northern Lights?

As a naturally occurring phenomenon, the appearance of the Northern Lights is notoriously difficult to predict any further in advance than about two hours before it happens.

Is 2020 a good year to see Northern Lights?

Thanks to longer hours of darkness and clear night skies, December through March is usually the best time to observe this elusive natural phenomenon (though you can sometimes see the northern lights starting as early as August). …

Is alcoholism a problem in Finland?

Total consumption of alcohol in Finland increased up to 2007, and since then has decreased by nearly a fifth. Hazardous alcohol use is nevertheless still common: According to a survey of drinking habits, the alcohol consumption of at least 13% of the population is sufficient to increase their long-term health risks.

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What is there to do in Finland in December?

Best things to do in Finland in winter

  1. Sleep in an ice hotel or glass igloo. …
  2. Warm up in a Finnish sauna. …
  3. Hunt for the northern lights. …
  4. Enjoy activities on the snow and ice. …
  5. Meet Father Christmas. …
  6. Admire Helsinki’s architecture. …
  7. Learn about Sami culture. …
  8. Swim in the Arctic.
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