Is it legal to marry your cousin in Latvia?

Can you marry your cousin in Latvia?

Relatives. Marriage is prohibited between close blood relatives in a direct line (parents, grandparents, children, etc.), brothers and sisters, as well as between half-brothers and half-sisters. … note In Latvia, you can marry certain more distant relatives such as a cousin, parent-in-law and child-in-law.

What do I need to get married in Latvia?

Documentary requirements

Certified copies of prior divorce decrees (if applicable). A certified copy of the death certificate, if a previous spouse is deceased. If one of the parties is under age 18, permission of parents or guardians is required. Only one party to the marriage may be under age 18.

Can I get married in Latvia?

Latvia marriage is only permitted between a man and a woman. Both persons must be 18 years old. … To contract a marriage persons have to submit an application, which they both have signed, to a registry office and present their passports or personal ID cards.

How do I get a divorce in Latvia?

In Latvia, a divorce procedure can be initiated if spouses have not been living together for at least three years. In case of mutual agreement, a notary public can dissolve the marriage.

How can I get Latvian citizenship by marriage?

In order to obtain a Latvian passport, you will have to live in marriage with a Latvian citizen for at least 10 years and apply for citizenship not earlier than after 5 years of residence in the country.

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How can I get permanent residence permit in Latvia?

The applicant can apply for Latvian Permanent Residence after they have resided in the country for a minimum of five years. They must have resided in the country for a minimum of four of those years, have knowledge of the language, general history and national anthem.

How can I get Latvian citizenship?

Citizenship can be obtained after five years of legal residence in Latvia if the applicant has been a permanent resident for the five years preceding the date of submission of their application. To qualify for citizenship, the applicant must physically reside in Latvia for at least four out of the last five years.

How can I get Lithuanian citizenship by marriage?

The documents to be submitted by an alien whose spouse is a citizen of Lithuania for acquiring the citizenship of Lithuania according to the procedure of naturalization include:

  1. The application completed in Lithuanian;
  2. The passport;
  3. The Passport of the spouse (a citizen of Lithuania);
  4. The Certificate of Marriage;
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