You asked: Why you should visit Tallinn?

Why should you visit Estonia?

Untouched, Accessible, and Wild Nature. … With about half of the country covered in forests, nature lovers can explore and enjoy Estonia’s untouched natural beauty all over Estonia. The three must visit national parks in Estonia are Lahemaa National Park, Matsalu National Park and Sooma National Park.

Is Estonia expensive to visit?

Although Estonia is quite affordable throughout, Tallinn is probably the most expensive part of the country to visit. It is the most popular destination and prices generally reflect that. That being said, you might be caught off guard in some smaller towns and villages.

Estonia has been the most successful of the former communist‐​controlled countries, in part because of excellent political leadership since independence, including the remarkable Mart Laar — the father of the economic reform, who served as prime minister from 1992–1994, and again from 1999–2002.

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