Your question: Where does Latvia export to?

Latvia’s main export partners are Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Germany and Sweden.

What does Latvia export?

Economy of Latvia

Exports $12.84 billion (2017 est.)
Export goods foodstuffs, wood and wood products, metals, machinery and equipment, textiles
Main export partners Lithuania(+) 15.8% Russia(+) 14% Estonia(+) 10.9% Germany(+) 6.9% Sweden(+) 5.7 United Kingdom(+) 4.9% Poland(+) 4.3% Denmark(+) 4.1% (2017)

What are the major exports in Latvia?

Exports: The top exports of Latvia are Sawn Wood ($768M), Broadcasting Equipment ($703M), Hard Liquor ($557M), Wheat ($539M), and Packaged Medicaments ($526M), exporting mostly to Lithuania ($2.41B), Estonia ($1.46B), Russia ($1.29B), Germany ($1.07B), and Sweden ($970M).

What countries does Latvia trade with?

Latvia’s main trading partners are Lithuania (16.81% of Latvia’s total trade turnover), Estonia (9.31%), and Germany (9.03%), while the United States is the 12th largest partner in trade in goods.

What products does Latvia import?

Latvia imports machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels and vehicles. Main import partners are Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Poland and Estonia.

Is Latvia poorer than India?

Latvia has a GDP per capita of $27,700 as of 2017, while in India, the GDP per capita is $7,200 as of 2017.

What is the main industry in Latvia?

Four cornerstones of the Latvian economy are agriculture, chemicals, logistics and woodworking. Other prominent sectors include textiles, food processing, machinery production and green technologies. Agriculture enjoys the fertile soil and temperate climate of Latvia.

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What is the average salary in Latvia?

What is the average salary in Latvia? Latvia offers an average salary of about $10.98 an hour, $2,004.7/month, or $24,059.60 a year. These figures are inclusive of housing, transport, and other benefits, which brings the take-home pay (after taxes) to an average of $827/month.

What is Latvia’s largest export?

Latvia exports mainly wood and wood products, machinery and equipment, iron and steel, textiles and foodstuffs. Latvia’s main export partners are Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Germany and Sweden.

What does Romania export?

At the more detailed 4-digit Harmonized Tariff System code level, Romania’s most valuable exported products are automotive parts and accessories (8.7% of total) followed by cars (7.7%), insulated wire or cable (5.1%), electrical or optical circuit boards and panels (3.7%), new rubber tires (2.2%), seats and chairs (2.1 …

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