Does Lithuania have hard water?

Is Lithuanian water safe to drink?

Is tap water safe to drink in Lithuania? In Lithuania water enters the pipes directly from the underground water reserves, so it is protected from external contamination. Not only is it good to drink, it is also healthy, pure and delicious!

Does Lithuania have clean water?

Lithuania is among EU leaders in terms of water purity and waste water treatment. It almost totally meets EU requirements for drinking water, and Vilnius is one of the few European cities where the waste water treatment system is fully in line with EU directives.

Is tap water safe in Vilnius?

Not only is Vilnius among the greenest capitals in Europe, its tap water turns out to be perfectly drinkable and among the cleanest in Europe too. This is because 100% of it is taken from abundant underground sources sheltered from human interference.

Is tap water drinkable in Tallinn?

Re: Is tap water safe to drink in Tallinn? Yeah, taste may vary somewhat in different parts of town, but they’re all safe to drink.

Is Kaunas water drinkable?

In most parts of the country, tap water originates from underground sources that are repeatedly tested for their quality, so it’s very safe to drink. Major cities like Vilnius and Kaunas have perfectly potable water.

How much of Lithuania is water?

Geography of Lithuania

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Continent Europe
• Total 65,300 km2 (25,200 sq mi)
• Land 95.99%
• Water 4.01%
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