Frequent question: Is Moscow bigger than Lithuania?

Lithuania is approximately 65,300 sq km, while Russia is approximately 17,098,242 sq km, making Russia 26,084% larger than Lithuania.

Is Lithuania bigger than London?

Lithuania is about 3.7 times smaller than United Kingdom.

United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Lithuania is approximately 65,300 sq km, making Lithuania 26.81% the size of United Kingdom. … We have positioned the outline of United Kingdom near the middle of Lithuania.

How small is Lithuania?

Lithuania covers an area of 65,300 km2 (25,200 sq mi), with a population of 2.8 million.


Republic of Lithuania Lietuvos Respublika (Lithuanian)
• Total 65,300 km2 (25,200 sq mi) (121st)
• Water (%) 1.98 (as of 2015)
• 2021 estimate 2,784,279 (142nd)

Why is Lithuania so suicidal?

Historically, Lithuania has had very high suicide rates, especially among its male population. … Factors with the strongest links to suicide rates in the region include GDP growth, demographics, alcohol consumption, psychological factors and climate temperature.

Do they speak Russian in Lithuania?

Statistics Lithuania: 78.5% of Lithuanians speak at least one foreign language. … 63.0% of Lithuanians speak Russian, 30.4% – English, 8.5% – Polish, and 8.3% – German. Generation factor still matters a lot, as English and German are most popular among the youth.

Is Lithuanian Russian?

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania had been part of the Russian Empire since the end of the 18th century, but after the Russian Revolution of 1917 they became independent states.

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Is Lithuania a good place to live?

A not so popular relocation destination among Brits, this green and beautiful EU country can be a great place for you to live, work, study, or even retire. Lithuania is the biggest of the three Baltic states that boasts a rich culture and gorgeous landscapes.

How big is Lithuania compared to the US?

United States is about 151 times bigger than Lithuania.

Lithuania is approximately 65,300 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, making United States 14,959% larger than Lithuania. Meanwhile, the population of Lithuania is ~2.7 million people (329.9 million more people live in United States).

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