How can I work in Estonia?

Citizens from non-EU countries who want to work in Estonia for longer than six months should apply for a residence permit as well as a long-stay visa. First, your employees can obtain a temporary residence permit for up to two years.

How can I get a job in Estonia?

Here are some of the best sites to find a job in Estonia:

  1. CV.EE: The biggest job portal in Estonia. …
  2. European Job Mobility Portal: a great website maintained by the European Union to find jobs in Estonia and in other EU member countries.
  3. Startup Jobs in Estonia: a great portal for startup jobs (monstly IT) in Estonia.

Can foreigners work in Estonia?

It is possible to apply for a temporary residence permit to live and work in Estonia for more than one year. Before an alien can apply for a residence permit to work from the Police and Border Guard Board, the employer must generally receive permission from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund to employ an alien.

What kind of jobs are available in Estonia?

1,000+ Jobs in Estonia (108 new)

  • General Manager. General Manager. …
  • News Writer. mediabrief. …
  • Direct Response Copywriter. Happy Mammoth. …
  • Customer Support Associate (Early morning shifts) – Visa Sponsorship. …
  • Actor/ Host. …
  • Sales Manager. …
  • Office and administrative support. …
  • Junior SEO & Content Marketer.
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How can I work and live in Estonia?

Estonia has officially launched its new Digital Nomad Visa. The visa would allow remote workers to live and work in the European country for up to a year. The application costs between $94 and $117 (or €80 and €100) depending on how long you plan on staying.

Which jobs are in demand in Estonia?

In the job outlook up to 2025, CEDEFOP predicted that most job opportunities in Estonia, around 25% will be for professionals and high-level occupations in science, engineering, healthcare and teaching. Analysis of the job outlook in Estonia indicates that the country faces a shortage of software developers.

How can I migrate to Estonia?

Under the Aliens Act, Non-EU citizens may apply for a temporary residence permit if they settle with a spouse, close relative or family reunification, to study, work or do business. In order to qualify for temporary residence, medical insurance and proof of income twice the level of subsistence in Estonia is required.

How do I become a resident of Estonia?

Non-EU/EEA citizens

  1. hold a valid temporary residence permit;
  2. have your place of residence registered in the population register of Estonia;
  3. have permanent legal income for living in Estonia;
  4. be covered by the Estonian health insurance scheme;

How can I get work permit in Estonia?

Steps to Get a Working Visa in Estonia

  1. A travel document issued within the previous 10 years that’s valid for at least three months after the visa expires and has two blank pages for visas.
  2. A completed and signed application form.
  3. A photo.
  4. An insurance policy with at least EUR 30,000 coverage for the duration of the stay.
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What is a good salary in Estonia?

The average salary in Estonia is of roughly € 1150 euros per month net. Qualified IT professionals can expect to earn way above this average. The average monthly wage in Estonia if you consider gross figures is of 1400 euros per month as of 2021.

How much are teachers paid in Estonia?

How much money does a Teacher make in Estonia? A person working as a Teacher in Estonia typically earns around 2,060 EUR per month. Salaries range from 1,070 EUR (lowest) to 3,150 EUR (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

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