What is mined in Estonia?

Estonia’s most important energetic mineral resource is oil shale. Over 80% of the mined oil shale is used to produce electricity and heating. In addition, oil shale is used to produce fuel oil, petroleum coke, pitch, bitumen and other materials. … The percentage of mining peat in other counties is five or less.

Does Estonia has oil?

Estonia is well endowed with fossil fuels mainly in the form of oil shale. It is the only country in the world where oil shale is the primary source of energy, supplying 76% of the energy used for electricity generation in 2018. However, the use of renewable energy sources (mainly woodfuel and wind) is increasing.

How much oil does Estonia produce?

Summary Table

Barrels per Day Global Rank
Oil Production 16,000 83rd in the world
Oil Consumption 28,855 121st in the world
Daily Deficit -12,855
Oil Imports

What are the main sources of energy in Estonia?

Almost 90% of Estonia’s power is generated using petroleum and gas derived from oil shale. The remaining power generation is primarily from biomass and wind, although small amounts of hydroelectric, natural gas and coal are also used.

What is the difference between shale oil and oil shale?

Oil shale is different than shale oil in that oil shale is essentially rock that contains a compound called kerogen, which is used to make oil. Shale oil refers to hydrocarbons that are trapped in formations of shale rock.

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