Why does Finland have the cleanest water?

About 9.4% of Finland is covered by lakes, and according to UNICEF, water in Finland is the cleanest in the world – as is Finnish air! … From fishing to year-round swimming and ice skating, the Finns take full advantage of the privilege to access clean water and lakes.

Does Finland have clean tap water?

Finland’s tap water is among the highest quality in the world and is not only completely safe but a pleasure to drink. In Finland, tap water has been found to be significantly cleaner than bottled water. … You can also fill your own bottles with clean and refreshing spring water for free, as many locals do.

Does Finland have good water?

Currently, the ecological quality status of most of Finland’s inland waters is either good or high. However, the quality of over 40% of total river length and 60% of the coastal water areas included in the plans is moderate, poor or bad. The water quality of Finland’s lakes is generally better.

Where does Finland tap water come from?

Most of the tap water in Finland originates from Lake Päijänne, traveling 120 km to where the water is then treated in pools and safely dispersed into the homes of locals. The rest of the small portion of tap water recipients are receiving their water from a groundwater plant.

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Can you drink river water in Finland?

Water Safety in Finland

The local tap water is safe to drink, however, if you are planning to hit the hiking trails, take caution when collecting water in natural streams and rivers. A burbling stream may look crystal clear and very inviting, but there may be pulp factories, people or livestock upstream.

Does Finland have leeches?

None of leeches in Finland are bloodsucking”, Hélí said calmly.

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